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In TestQual we have re-designed our logo and website, find out here how we have made much easier to browse, request a participation and find relevant information of each PT.


New general features on TestQual website 


1. New design

All our website has been redesigned for a better experience and browsing, with easier visualization of text, buttons and all elements.



2. Important information in our homepage

Ournew homepage allows a quick Log In, see the upcoming proficiency tests and see relevant news and posts.

           Upcoming PTs


3. Find the proficiency test your are looking for easily

You can now see the PT calendar in a much easier way, even before clicking in any PT you can see the parameters, matrix, accreditation and relevant dates to partake in the PT.

           matrix, analysis, dates, accreditation


4. Information, documentations and easy inscription

Each proficiency test page now displays at the right part of the screen a column with the protocol, calendar of the PT and button to start your application. No more need to use the mousewheel to get to the bottom of the page to start your application. 

           New column for easiest application and information


5. Easy and comforable inscription and acquisiton of materials.

Sending your participation request is as easy as ever, you can still use the helping tools to charge LOQs from past participations (easy re-order) or apply the same LOQ to all analytes for later reviewing.

We have also made more intuitive the acquisition of Quality Control Materials and blank items from our webiste store.


6. Knowledge center and frecuently asked questions (FAQ)

We completed the FAQ and will keep compiling and building it as an information source to use our website and know more about TestQual and our work. 


News in the client area


1. Fast and easy Log In

Once you LogIn in the homepage a convenient and easy new panel will open to let you kick access to your Active proficiency tests, Quality control materials and if you can edit your credentials or company information.


2. New client area, now with more information

Once you access your client area you will see that we also re-designed the private area. At your left side of the screen you will see the menu column where you can easily browse your proficiency tests and materials.


3. New feature: Proficiency tests pending of activation

No more sending an application and not knowing if our servers received it correctly, now by entering the "Dashboard" you can see if the proficiency test is in the "Pending activation".

           Dashboard image from client area


4. Download all documentation and check your participations and materials easily. 

In the menu you can now see ALL details about your proficiency tests, such as the protocol, application, results and methods sent and download at any time available reports. 

In the Control Materials you can see blanks and other reference materials acquired from TestQual and download their respective certificates


Security news


In TestQual we take really seriously the confidentiality and data given by our clients and with this goal in mind we acquired a SSL certificate to ensure your complete security while browsing our website

Now you can navigate our website from https://TestQual.com


TestQual, web segura