TestQual is a Spanish company specialised in quality assurance for laboratory research. For fifteen years we have been organising, distributing and reporting chemical proficiency studies. These proficiency studies compare the results from laboratories all over the world, so each laboratory can measure its analytical proficiency and test the quality of its analyses.


TestQual also produces reference materials, always certificated, tested and guaranteed for homogeneity and stability. These materials are used to check the quality of analyses.

Latest News

  • TestQual 97 Deadline to send inscriptions
    TestQual 97 Deadline to send inscriptions

    The aflatoxins in paprika proficiency test has suffered a change in the important dates, we have opened until 28th of May the inscription period again.

    Click here to send your inscription

    If you want to check the...

  • TestQual 99 Pesticide residues and PCBs in Oil
    TestQual 99 Pesticide residues and PCBs in Oil

    The deadline to send your applications to the proficiency test: TestQual 99 PESTICIDE RESIUDES and PCBs is near. If you are interested you can send apply clicking here.


    If you have any doubt: Contact us, you can reach us by email, our Contact tab on our website or by...

  • TestQual 98: Deadline to return Results
    TestQual 98: Deadline to return Results

    Dear participants, from TestQual we want to remind you that the deadline to return the results of the proficiency test: TestQual 98 Fosetyl and Maleic Hydrazide in Potato finishes the 1st of June


    If you have any doubt we are at your disposal, contact us through email, our Contact tab or by phone.


    Thanks for choosing TestQual as your...

  • TestQual 2018: Acrylamide
    TestQual 2018: Acrylamide

    After the entry into force of the new EU Regulation about Acrylamide benchmark levels, all eyes are focusing on this parameter.

    Is your laboratory already accredited in Acrylamide? Are you preparing a method for it?

    TestQual is going to organize a proficiency test of Acrylamide in Fried chips this very...

  • Check out the 2018 schedule.
    Check out the 2018 schedule.

    Now you can find TestQual's new schedule for 2018 here:

     2018 Calendar

    Or you can download it as pdf:  By clicking...

  • SANTE/11813/2017

    Document No. SANTE 11813/2017 (Implemented by 01.01.2018)

    Method Validation and Quality Control Procedures for Pesticide Residues Analysis in Food and Feed. DOWNLOAD HERE